Good Old Friends
Duckpond Brewing
Duckpond Brewing is a small brewery located in Gothenburg run by Nikola Sarcevic. With his playful and mind blowing flavor combinations he has become a known name in the game in no time. When Nikola is not providing us with excellent brews, he's probably out on tour rocking the lead singer life with his band Millencolin. Tour life has definitely become a great inspiration for his beers and you will find a lot of music references in all his work.
Odd Island Brewing
Odd Island Brewing is from Gothenburg and is run by three musicians. Daniel Svensson played drums with the rock band "In Flames" until 2015 and Peter Iwers was bassist in the same band until 2016. Together they chose to change careers into something completely different - brewing beer. After many years on the roads they had the chance to try out all different kind of beers all over the world, and they felt like it was time for them to brew their favorites. They knew how they wanted a beer to taste, or not taste, and Odd Island was started. Running a brewery is not so different from playing in bands they think. They have their roles and just like with the band, it's important to work closely together.
O/O has become one of Swedens most sought after breweries in a very short amount of time and has become an inspiration to many breweries and home brewers since then. Maybe it's because of their high demands on quality of both raw materials and finished product, or because of their pitch perfect recipes for smooth IPA's. Either way, if you can get your hands on the brews from O/O, you're a lucky fella'! Due to the high demand, it can be pretty hard to come across.
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